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“I didn’t start smoking pot until about five years ago. I thought pot made you stupid. I bought into it just as much as anybody did. I realized when I was like thirty years old that I was tricked. I was like…you gotta be fucking kidding me.” — Joe Rogan

This somehow got deleted…

I mean seriously… we’re occupying more then six countries and we’re celebrating independence. We are not independent and do not teach independence. We teach slavery and disable freedom more so than any other nation. Young men die for old men’s greed.

That is all for the rant. More to come.

The new Black Dahlia Murder…

If you don’t know it leaked and it is pretty sick. Very reminiscent of Unhallowed, but possibly better. Either way, I think it is super rad and pretty bad ass. You can tell this time around the newer guitar player had more of an influence on the song writing, which has made their new music pretty damn good. If you get a chance, go see them in concert. They are pretty ridiculous. What’s up Michael Keene? The new Faceless album better slay ball sacks. 

Thanks Mike for the heads up.